Saturday, 28 August 2010

Indie Girl Class With Lilibee

I'm also taking another lovely online class by Lilibee. It's a pop up book tutorial using Sassafras Indie Girl, it's very beautiful. You can find out more details about the class here or here. Please always remember to support the artist, without them where would we find our inspiration?

Thank You


Friday, 27 August 2010

Slow Progress

I'm still making my mini album, It's taking a little longer than planned to complete. Leon is a little bit clingy at the moment so he spends most of the day snuggling up on  me, which is really lovely. If only I had another pair of hands! :) Here's what I've done so far.

 I get tears in my eyes when I look at this picture of Tony holding Leon!  It was such a special moment.

I love the look of rub ons used on photos, it's one of my new favourite things! 

On to other matters, my sister Clare is getting married next week. It's her hen night tomorrow, we're going out for Tapas and then the rest of the girls are going out clubbing. I'm not going clubbing though because I need to get home for Leon. I'm really looking forward to it, I love Tapas. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Small Craft

I'm so excited, I've signed up for a class taught by Elsie and Rachel. I've been wanting to do one of their classes for ages now but due to a number of reasons (mainly money, or lack of it) haven't been able to. Tony has bought me this as part of my Christmas present (Thank you Tony!) I can't wait for it to start, I love making things for my little guys. You can sign up for the class here or here.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Thanks for hanging in there and waiting for my next post! It's crazy with two kids, I really don't know how my Mum managed with eight, and I take my hat off to those of you that manage to hold down a job as well! I'm not complaining though, I love being at home with my crazy kids, the hugs, the playing and the crafting of course.

Here are a few snap shots from today! The light was good so I thought I should make the most of it, I'm a bit of a fair weather blogger.

I think they might have a secret handshake already!

And now onto the crafting I've started making a mini album this week with Leon's first photos. I'll show you more of that later this week, when it's finished. I used some of my new Indie Girl stash, it's a gorgeous collection.

Indie Girl for my Indie Boy!

I've also been doing a spot of crochet as well, I've made a little poncho for my friends daughter. I used the Summer Garden Granny Square and the Granny Blanket Edging pattern from Attic24, and Patons 100% Cotton DK. I had loads of fun making this, it's a bit wonky here and there, but I can live with wonky!

Thanks for taking the time to visit!