Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kyla Mod Stroller Blanket

I've been quite busy doing a lot of crochet these past couple of weeks. I've made a blanket for Leon, for when he goes into his own bedroom. The pattern is from Baby Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula. This has been one of my most challenging crochet projects so far. I found it quite difficult to get the tension right on some of the lattice stitch blocks. I have a habit of  making my chains quite loose, this is useful for foundation chains, but not so good for part of a stitch pattern. I'm hoping that a bit of blocking might help. I did consider frogging it, just so I could redo those small blocks, but my craft time is limited at the moment and I've got too many other projects waiting in the wings. I'm quite happy to just move on and learn from my mistakes! Really, I am! :) I used Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton Aran for this, that I already had in my stash. I bought quite a bit of it in a sale a while back for £0.99 & £1.99 a ball, bargain! It's discontinued now though, which is a shame because it's so lovely and soft .

Kyla Mod Stroller Blanket

Sorry about this photo, it's a bit crappy!

I used colours that I thought would match the colour scheme I've chosen for his room. I've also snagged another bargain, which was this gorgeous fabric that I'm going to use for his bed quilt. I've chosen a theme that's not too babyish so that it will last a good while.

I'll let you know if the blocking works! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Project Re-Style - Yoga Waistband skirt

Here's my first attempt at sewing jersey fabric, and what a performance I've had with my sewing machine. It's been skipping stitches and all sorts of stuff. I had to walk away from it for a few days and then come back to it with  a clear head. Now it seems ok! Maybe it was my tension that needed adjusting and not the sewing machines?  I made this skirt with a blue maternity top and a slightly short vest. I've always had a problem with vests being too short after a couple of washes (I'm nearly 5'8") and have just recently discovered that if I buy tops for tall people I don't have this problem. Genius!!! Anyway, back to the ReStyle.  So I cut off the straps and the frill edging from around the top and straightened up the edge a bit, where it was shaped for boobs. Then I cut the brown vest in half, and used the bottom half of the vest. I turned the skirt inside out and left the vest the right way around. I hope you're still with me here. Then I made a loose row of stitches around the top of the blue part and gathered it together, until it was the same width as the brown piece. Then I pinned the two cut edges of both pieces together so that the original hem of the brown vest became the bottom of the yoga waist band and sewed them together using zig zag stitch. Now the skirt has an adjustable yoga waist band. There's a couple of good tutorials on the internet for this as well if you fancied making one.


Yoga waist band skirt
  It looks better on than off! :)

Thanks for popping in again! 


Monday, 21 March 2011

Thank You!

Just recently I did a little swap with my blog friend Julie from Canada. Who's a super fantastic card maker and a talented scrapbooker! I made some little crochet hearts for Julie and some hair clips  for her two beautiful girls. And Julie sent me some lovely handmade flowers some alphabet stickers and paper pieces from Rose Moka. Be sure to pop over to Julie's blog and  say Hi!, there's some great inspiration there.

Thanks once again Julie. I love happy mail, I'm looking forward to some more swapping in the future! :)