Friday, 25 February 2011

Project ReStyle - Accidentally Felted Jumper

Hello! I never really know what to say at the start of a blog post... Anyway, here we go! :) I'm on a bit of a make do and mend mission this year. For a number of reasons really, like trying to be more aware of waste, trying not to spend money if we don't really need to, to save money for our wedding, and I get to do more projects but with free stuff! It's a win win situation really. A few people have inspired me into doing this, Claire, Elsie, Emily, Kara, Rachel. There's some great inspiration on all of these blogs.

My first project was with an accidentally felted jumper of Dylan's. He wasn't too bothered when I  shrunk it, he only wore it twice because it was too itchy. So that was a plus, he's quite touchy about his clothes and such. I've used too pieces from the hood to patch a pair of his holey jeans and two larger pieces to make him a pencil case. I haven't had chance to take a photo of the jeans yet, as he wanted to wear them straight away and now they're in the wash. But here's a photo of the pencil case. He was really pleased with it, and so was I. I feel the need to make one for myself now.

Project Restyle - Accidentally Felted Jumper and a Pair of Holey Jeans

Project Restyle - Felted Jumper Pencil Case

I'm also working on another mini album at the moment, here's a sneaky peek of it.

Water Fun Mini Album Cover

I started this before Christmas but got side tracked with finishing off gifts and cards! I'm very easily distracted! In fact I've got quite a few  projects on the go at the moment. So I'd better get off the internet and get some work done!

See you soon!



  1. How cute is that pencil case? Absolutely gorgeous. I'm rubbish with a needle and thread, I really must try harder. I can see a new mini album which is going to be fab.

  2. Hi Rachel - lovely blog! Would love to know how to accidentally felt something - is it to wash woollens in a high temperature? Do let me know as I want to make some cushion covers - could be a good way.


  3. Thank you both!

    I washed the jumper at 40c cotton wash, with a 1200 spin. This shrunk it beyond ever being worn again. So I re-washed it at 90c & 1200c spin, just to finish the job off properly. I've since read here ( that you shouldn't spin it because it may stretch it. The jumper I used was 80% lambs wool 20% Nylon. But the higher the wool content the better the result.

  4. Ooh, cool! What a cute lil pencil case! I love the hand-stitching on top! And your mini looks super-cute, too!

  5. What a great idea! Can't wait to see the album!

  6. Hello, just wanted to say that the jumper into pencil is utterly beautiful!
    Kindest regards

  7. love it! nice recycling!

    thanks for stopping by recycled+revamped!

  8. oh my! I too have shunk some sweaters in the wash. I love what you have done with it though. What a save making it into a pencil case. Awesome!

  9. Thanks, I'm glad I hung on to it after I shrunk it. I new it would come in handy one day!!! That's one of my catch phrases. Ha!