Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May...Where Did You Go?

Well, May has been a very busy, but enjoyable month. We've been settling into our new home, Tony's had some time off work, I've had my 32nd birthday, some happy mail from my friend in Canada and the kids have been poorly. It's been crazy, but mostly fun.

I was kindly given some money for my birthday from some of my family, so I put it to good use and bought a Family National Trust Membership Card for us all. We've already had our moneys worth out of it and we've only had it for three and a half weeks.

Beningbrough Hall
Leon on a swing at Beningbrough Hall

It's either this, or the naughty step. The stocks Aldborough.

Newby Hall 08/05/11
Newby Hall

Newby Hall 08/05/11
Newby Hall has the nicest gardens, but isn't a National Trust site.

Happy Mail From Canada
A surprise birthday card and gift from my friend in Canada

So that's May in a nut shell. There are more photos on Flickr, for those of you that like all the pics, like I do. If you do go over to Flickr, you'll also see I've been busy with a couple of ReStyle projects that I haven't blogged yet. I'll hopefully get round to that this week.

I'll try not to leave it so long till the next time! : )



  1. It sounds like you've had a fabulous May!

    Victoria xxx

  2. OMG I've miss u! You have to blog more often....please! That Newby Hall place is amazing! I wish I would live close by 'cause I could do lots of photography there!Thanks for putting my card on your blog hi,hi! I'm gonna go see your other pics on flicker!Yeah! Love pictures!!!!

  3. You have been busy. Nostell Priory is on our list of places to visit, we've got a free arts pass so can get in free. Newby Hall is another which is on our list, we can get in there with our RHS membership. Happy belated birthday, and hope the kids are better now.

  4. Oh yay! Haven't seen you in awhile in blog world. Lovely pictures! Happy Birthday!

  5. Victoria - Yes it's been lovely thank you! XxX

    Julie - You're welcome! And yes it's great there for photography. And I'll try my best to blog more! :) XxX

    Jo - Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes the kids are ok now, they've both had a chesty virus, but are both much better. Newby Hall's gardens are stunning. Nostell Priory was nice, but they are in the middle of doing some work on the stable block area at the moment, so there is quite a bit of scaffolding around. I think I'll enjoy it more there when the boys are bigger and we can go on a tour of the house. :) XxX

    jo_annie - Thanks for the birthday wishes. XxX

  6. Ooh - it looks so lovely outside, there!! :) Beautiful! And happy birthday - I hope it was great!

  7. happy birthday rachel!!!! (love the photos)