Thursday, 3 June 2010

New Bag!

I've finished my ginormous beach bag! Woo hoo! I followed the pattern on Lucy's lovely blog, although I made it slightly larger than the original pattern. I used Patons Sorbet Yarn, Vanilla, Rose Water, Nectarine, Limone, Lime, Ice and Violet Cream. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued, but you can still get it from here, as long as I haven't got to it first! ;)

Mmm! Lovely summery rainbow stripes!

I hope the weather is nice for you today, wherever you may be. See you soon!



  1. Oh, how cute is your bag?? Love it! The colors are so sweet & summery, too! Lovely!!

  2. That is just amazing! Is that knit or crochet? I admire anyone that can do that!!! Love the colors!!!

  3. Oh the way, are you on Facebook?

  4. okay .. WOW I am really wanting to learn how to crochet now this is FABULOUS girl .. you are so multi talented ..

  5. Wow I am so impressed that you made this - you must have so much patience! I'd really like to be able to give it a try though I'm not sure I'd finish it.

    Have a lovely day,