Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Still Hanging In There!

Hello! All is well here, just getting fed up of the back ache and the heat! Just a week to go now! I'm so nervous this time around. Mainly because Dylan has well and truly hit his terrible two's, I just hope the new arrival doesn't make him worse!

When he's good, he's very very good, but when he's bad, he's horrid! :)

I'm having a break from scrapbooking at the moment, because sitting at my desk sets my back off! But once we've had the baby and got into the swing of things, I'll be back at it again. All my crafting recently has taken place either on the sofa or laying on my bed. 

A few months ago Tony bought me this very cute book, so I've been putting it to good use! All the bibs have been made using upcycled t-shirts and are backed with terry nappies. I bought terry nappies for Dylan but after using them for one day, I decided it wasn't really for me! So they've been sat in a box in the loft ever since. I new they'd come in handy one day! 

Most of the embroidery patterns were from the book, but it inspired me to do a couple of my own too. The anchor and the boat are my own designs. I also drew my own bib template, because the one in the book was for a Velcro fastening bib. I don't like bib's with Velcro fasteners, as they catch on clothes and after they've been in the wash a few times the Velcro starts to fail. Because the fabric that I embroidered was jersey material, I used a light weight interfacing on the reverse to stop it stretching out of shape as I stitched into it.

 Ahoy there me hearties!

Thanks for popping in!

Rachel XxX


  1. Ahhh the terrible twos, not sure I'll enjoy my nephew when he hits them!

    Victoria x

  2. Cute bibs! You should make a stich all around to flatten it a bit! Poor you with your pregnancy!Hang in there ...it's almost over!

  3. Ooh, that's a good idea! Thank you! :)

  4. Those bibs and the embroidery are absoluetly adorable!! :> I'm glad I stopped by!! :>