Monday, 31 January 2011

Trying To Be More Organized

Good Morning!

I've got a few photos to share with you, of a project I'm working on at the moment and it's not crochet! I'm making a craft planner to try and organize my time a little better. I was inspired to make it by one of Lilibee's lovely classes and a planner kit, that I wish I'd bought when it was out! The folder is upcycled, it was a guide to money for new parents, given to me by my midwife.

To decorate the planner I used papers and embellishments from Sassafras-Sunshine Lollipop, Prima-Rebellious, American Crafts-Craft Fair and Blue Skies, Cosmo Cricket-Nutmeg. I've also used Red Velvet Art Paper Dolls, embroidery patterns and some black and white colouring book illustrations which came free with the RVA Small Craft Class that I took last year.

 To make the page tabs, I downloaded and printed off some free fonts from, onto printable acetate. Since taking this photo I have changed it a little bit and double up on the months, because the planner was filling up too fast and it only had dividers in it!

More to come soon!


  1. Now doesn't that look cute!

    Victoria xx

  2. So Awesome! I looooooove this planner! You are so talented my friend!!!!

  3. Oh, pretty pretty! :) I love it! The colors are so fun - definitely a good way to make organizing lovely. :)

  4. It looks wonderful, and such a good idea to organise your time.

  5. Oh thanks everybody, and Julie you're too kind. XxX

  6. So pretty and practical! Love the colours and patterns!
    Thank you so much for the kind comments you have left on my blog following the birth of Sophie! Its a bit of a struggle to get on line as often but I enjoy keeping up to date with everyone's posts!

  7. No,no...i'm honest!You're really awesome!

  8. OH MY GOSH!!! You're work is AWESOME!!! I totally love this!!! Your blog is super dooper cute and I love it!!! Thanks also for your congrats on my blog! Soooo glad to have found yours! :D